When you are looking for quality care at home for a relative or loved one, having the right kind of support from a provider is a must. People with a disability can often be grouped together, but we treat clients as individuals and know that they all have different needs and requirements. Part of what we do is making sure that what we provide is meeting those specific needs. Care needs to be something that is personal and we avoid using a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. With our person-centered care plans, you get a service that gives you what is needed, as well as offering solutions.

NDIS Approved Service Provider

If you are interested in a home care service, then it is best to look for one that can offer NDIS support. We have a team of people who work closely with clients to make sure that we are providing what you need, and we are meeting the care plan. We are an NDIS provider (National Disability Insurance Scheme), which means that you know that we are committed to helping to meet your caring needs and goals. We are proud to be one of the NDIS providers in Inala, no matter what your needs are. As part of what we offer as NDIS providers, you will have unlimited access to support with our experienced, helpful and friendly team.

What Is NDIS?

NDIS is the National Disability Insurance Scheme, and it is implemented by the National Disability Insurance Agency. It is an initiative that is focused on allowing those who qualify to be able to access funded support, based on their needs. The support that comes through NDIS registered providers, allows your loved one to carry on doing what they have been doing, living life to the full, and being as independent as possible. There is also a variety of funded support from NDIS approved providers, and it can vary from helping with daily support at home, to linking up with local education programmes, and helping with behavioural support and therapeutic support.

Why Choose Home Caring As Your NDIS Provider?

We at Home Caring provide more than one service to our clients, and we ensure that needs are met all of the time. We are a stellar choice for your NDIS provider in Inala because we can help with giving you information about the NDIS as it updates. We can give you an NDIS planner that is unique for you or your loved one, according to the needs. We can also assist you and loved ones with decisions around personal goals that you have, and walk you through the whole NDIS accredited providers application process. We can also help to make changes to your plan if things or circumstances do change, and we also monitor the care that you or your loved one receive closely.

Registered provider who cares and makes it personal

As a NDIS approved provider, we cantilever support to those who take part in the scheme. We work with individuals to offer a range of support that is required, in order to assist them with their daily life. As a registered NDIS care provider, we know that needs can vary, and we can individualise the planning process, helping us to offer the best care possible.

At Home Caring, we offer support services that range from daily support to complete wraparound care and support. Through our years of experience we are specialists in being able to provide care for individuals with mild and moderate disabilities, right up to those with complex care needs. We are proud to offer care and proud to be an approved NDIS provider and have worked with NDIS clients many times before.

The caring experience is all down to getting the best possible care, which is done through our extensive and thorough recruitment and training. We only hire the best individuals for the job, and make sure that our carers match your needs. We are local, based in Inala, so we can be close to support you. We aim for a person-centred approach with our caring, and as NDIS care providers, we create our plans so that they meet your needs.

If you’d like to talk to one of our helpful and friendly team members, then get in contact with us today, either by phone or by email. We look forward to speaking with you and seeing what we can do to help, and answering any questions that you might have around NDIS and what we can do.

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